Andrea K Lawson Artist
I create colorful visual stories of woman power, nature, joy, rebirth, mystery and memory



I am an artist and also, a teacher and I do not want carrying a gun to be part of my job! Can you imagine all the possible disasters arising from supplying teachers, administrators with guns? Why is the answer to gun violence to increase gun availability? If the professional armed guard at the Parkland school hid during the shooting, how is the average teacher going to  use a pistol or a bucket of rocks to stop a violent intruder with a high capacity magazine gun before he fires? What if a student  is emotionally disturbed and grabs or gets hold of the gun while teacher is otherwise engaged? Or they could harm themselves or others by accident. What if an administrator or teacher  has otherwise unknown mental issues? How are teachers going to be trained well enough if the armed guard isn't trained well enough? When will the teachers have time to teach??? How about eliminating high capacity magazines  and adding stricter background checks. Most of these attackers were already  known to have mental health issues! Sadly, if mental health and stricter gun control were followed up with, many of these tragic incidents could have been avoided! That's also the good news because we can fix it or at least improve the chances of fewer incidents of violence!

Okay, explain to preschoolers why school is a weapon free zone but the teachers carry guns?