Andrea K Lawson
Fine Art, Painting, Illustration and Children's Books

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Rite Of Spring: Pond Dance

Rite of Spring: Pond Dance

My  Environmental Expressionist Paintings


the connection to nature and rebirth of spring!

Inspired by music, dance and nature, my paintings are produced through a voluptuous layering of paint and vital gesture. My work is intensely process-oriented,  born of my ongoing engagement with the emotion, mystery and magic of applying paint to canvas.

In the context of our  contemporary, technology-driven world, my paintings act as  environmental expressionist auguries, offering the viewer a feeling of reconnection with nature and participation in the enigmatic dance of life.

Andrea's Paintings are a kind of bouquet amidst a turbulent garden-in a rite of spring-..."
Jake Senuik, Former Executive Director: Port Angeles Fine Art Center